Welcome to Crieff Tutorial Services

Every young person, every person indeed, is unique. When it comes to education, it’s this fact of individuality that establishes the need for tutors. Schools provide wonderful ‘one-size-fits-all’ educational opportunities for most young people for most of the time. However, on occasion and in some circumstances, a one-to-one intense tutorial with an experienced and knowledgeable educator, can be invaluable, important and beneficial.

Crieff Tutorial Services believes that the best tutoring must be tailor made. For this reason, a key element of the service always requires an initial free consultation to discuss and explore the needs and wants of the student. The consultation is not an assessment or test but a diagnostic and an opportunity to clarify more precisely what the problem is actually about. 

Parents and students should feel confident in expressing their educational needs, whether for a particular ‘quick fix’  or for a difficulty that may need more time. The tutor will consider the situation carefully and respond with a detailed written recommendation that should provide the basis for a tutorial or short course to put things right.

Having your own quality tutor to hand when needed is like having a trusted GP or lawyer. Knowledge and experience are valuable qualities in any profession.

If you feel you would like an informal consultation, please contact me by email at: info@sarayelnil.com or by phone: 07464464629. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consultations will be by Skype or FaceTime.

Daniel Watkins
MA Cantab, BA hons (London), BSc hons (OU), PGCE (Bristol), TEFL Dip