Information for parents and students

About Daniel Watkins

Daniel Watkins is an experienced tutor now living in Crieff. He has recently retired from having been the private tutor and education consultant for sixteen years to the family of HRH Prince Khalid al Faisal, former Education Minister in Saudi Arabia. He also works online for the King Khalid Foundation.

Prior to this, Daniel Watkins was Head of English at a large international school in Cairo where he also worked closely with the British Council to develop wired education communities between schools in the city. He has been Head of English at Cranleigh School, and has taught at Marlborough College, where he was also Head of Philosophy. His first teaching post was at Glenalmond College under the wardenship of Jim Wainwright. 

He has first class degrees in English (BA hons, London) and Psychology (BSc hons, Open University). His first degree was in Philosophy (BA hons, MA, University of Cambridge). His Post Graduate Certificate of Education was from Bristol University. He is an accredited member of the Tutors’ Association, a professional body that maintains strict DBS vetting and codes of practice. 

In addition to tutoring a wide range of subjects from elementary to high school and university, Daniel Watkins has also considerable experience in setting up home schools and examination centres. He has lectured on school website design and intranet utilities, provided counselling for British and American university and college entrance. He has considerable knowledge and experience of coaching for Common Entrance and Oxbridge entry. In addition, he has many years of experience in ADHD coaching and SEN support. During his career as a tutor and education consultant, Daniel Watkins has worked with the British Council, Tutors International, Carfax Education in Oxford, Hale Education, Dubai, Lucullus Education (Moscow and Astana) the King Faisal Foundation and King Khalid Foundation in Saudi Arabia.

Daniel Watkins has written a number of novels. These are available from under the author name: Daniel D. Watkins.

The Tutor Service

It is possible that due to extraordinary circumstances in 2020, there will be a greater need in the future to consider the practical benefits of a localised online bespoke tutor support service. Daniel Watkins has considerable experience in the following areas:

  • Home School set up
  • Examination Centre set up
  • Blended learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Online and face-to-face tutoring
  • Education consultancy 
  • Parent home based learning guidance and support
  • College Counselling 

Tutor subjects include:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy

Syllabi and course areas include:

  • Common Entrance
  • GCSE and IGCSE
  • Scottish Nationals, Highers and Advanced Highers
  • A Level
  • MYP
  • IB Dip
  • SAT
  • AP
  • Oxbridge Entrance
  • English as a second or foreign language

Methodology and process:

Tutorials can be provided online or in person (in Crieff only).

After an initial consultation, an agreed tutorial recommendation plan is provided in writing to be agreed with the student and/or parents. This part of the tutor service is free.

Once a schedule and tutorial or course is agreed, the booking calendar is blocked out by the student ready for tutorials. Payment is through PalPal and is required at the time of booking a session.

Tutorials have four components: 

  • One-to-one interaction online or in person. 
  • A set task
  • Task submission by student by email
  • Task feedback from tutor by email

All aspects of the tutoring service are totally bespoke and tailor made for each individual student. There are no off-the-shelf tasks, programmes or worksheets.